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This may have been asked/answered already, but here is my situation. I currently subscribe to D* but definitely use my HR10-250 more for OTA than satellite. I know that the HR10-250 does not record without a satellite connection. Will the HR10-250 work if you have a satellite connection but no subscription to D*?

I am sick and tired of waiting for D* to add new channels, and my market is not big enough that I am going to be getting MPEG4 this year. It is likely that Verizon will be installing FIOS in my area before D* gets around to upgrading me. If I subscribe to FIOS, I would still like my HR10-250 to be something more than a doorstop. If I can still use it for OTA just by having it connected to my satellite dish, which I am quite willing to leave up, I would be quite happy switching.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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