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I waited and waited until I was actually missing out on HD content before switching mr HR10-250 for the HR20. When that time came I was ready to try it with patience and an open mind and there are some things I like better about it.... but my experience has me re-thinking my decision and even my relationship with DTV.

Apparently installers no longer climb on rooftops to do installs - which created quite an issue - since both existing satellites and my OTA were way up there... anyway I finally gave in when the 2nd installer would not go up there - assuming we could get a good signal from the corner. He put it up and switched existing multi-switch with theirs - but he jacked up my ota by using the cabling for something else (so now it is connected to nothing).
Then when the NEW channels came online my HR20 had one of the tuners die (I didn't know that was the issue). So another installer came out - refused to inspect the cabling and tested the signals which were ok and insisted the other installer's work was not his problem. So then another installer came out and identified the broken tuner.
HR20 #2 arrives and I hook it up. No probs with guided setup and when DTV wouldn't let me activate online - I called to do so. No channels show up. So 2 receivers, 5 appointments and countless hours of troubleshooting and I had to reactivate my HR10-250 to watch television. On top of that I had 2 installers tell me that OTA isn't supposed to work with the HR20, one of them insisted that the FCC would stop broadcasting HD.

I am at my wits end and feel like I am simply wasting time talking with DTV at this point. I can't help but feel that the QA on these is inadequate.
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