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Do "new messages" take up recording space?

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New member here! Sorry if this is a repeat but I did try to find this answered before I posted it!

We gave up our land line last year and of course, our unit has not made a daily call in a very long time! :)

Last time I checked, there were a ton of "new messages" - and now, I can't even get to them because there are so many - system hangs without displaying them. I'm going to try to let it sit there overnight to see if it will eventually bring them up so I can delete them!

Anyway, do these messages take up recording space? I didn't really care about the daily call until I thought about it - I don't want a whole hard drive full of new messages and no shows! lol!

I'm in the process of getting a dock-n-talk so hopefully, my little unit can speak with the mothership again, but for now, I was just wondering!


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The amount of space messages take up is very, very small compared to the size of digitized video. Assuming a message size of 1KB, it would take a thousand messages just to equal the amount of hard disk space for 5-10 seconds of recorded video. No need to worry.

I'm an old member, but haven't posted for ages. I'm retired and my wife and I live on wheels, (in a fifth-wheel trailer,) traveling all the time. I can't connect to a phone line in 99% of the campgrounds I go to, and my Series 2 TiVo from DirecTV won't allow me to use our broadband or a cell phone to "call home."

We've brought this to shops a couple of times to let it dial in. (Last time was that big Daylight Savings Time SNAFU, where I thought it just had to have some update.)

After we get it back in our trailer, and after several days, it starts letting me know it needs to phone in, again. I try to make it a routine to go after those messages every few days to delete them because I've also seen mine hang a while before displaying the messages. So you aren't alone.

But, then, mine will periodically hang up in almost any operation. Sometimes when I have just deleted a program I watched, it takes minutes to get to the Now Showing menus, again. I just think in my case it's because I probably have so many shows that are fragmented, due to deleting some shows I've recorded ages ago, and then recording new stuff and not deleting it for ages.

I wish there was an operation that'd defragment the disk like I do on my PC periodically. Then I might know whether that hanging up is due to fragmentation, or maybe just the TiVo's electronics have a fit.

But to answer your question? Yes. the messages do take a little bit of disk space. Probably not a lot.

I hope you get to those messages once and for all. And once you've deleted them, try to get them out of your TiVo every few days. It won't quell the alerts popping up and annoying you. But it will just help
keep house" a bit more orderly.

Good Luck,
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If you have a Directv Series 2 unit, I would recommend hacking it with the zipper and then you'll never see another nag screen.
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