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Do i truly need Tivo's over priced wireless adaptors?

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What does the tivo wireless n have that my netgear doesn't?
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Forget wireless. Stick with wired, ethernet connections instead.
really dont want to thread through wall. How about powerline adaptors? Are they expensive?
I went with MoCA adapters for all of my TiVos (those with network jacks, anyway) and have been extremely happy with them.

To address your original question though, if you're going wireless only the TiVo-branded adapters will work with the S3, THD, or Premiere/Elite boxes. You can, though, use any normal wireless bridge.
What does the tivo wireless n have that my netgear doesn't?
Well the Tivo N adapter isn't a USB wireless adapter it is a network bridge. It plugs into the ethernet port (and a power plug). It actually has a lot of versatility. For example, you can hook a hub up to it and connect all your devices near the TV. The pricing on the Tivo adapter actually isn't that bad for a bridge device (not great, but not crazy, MSRP $90, Amazon $68). The Tivo N adapter is comparable to the netgear WNCE2001 (MSRP $80, Amazon $55). There are of course cheaper brand wireless bridges out there.

Now for vs your netgear adapter, if your netgear adapter is USB it won't work with newer Tivos (S3 and up). If your netgear is a network bridge like the Tivo adapter then it will work fine.

Now personally, I would go with some kind of wired method. Ethernet, MoCA, Powerline (depending wiring), etc. tend to work much better for me than wireless. Just plain ethernet is the cheapest and easiest if you can easily run the wire. The other two don't need a new wiring typically, but are much more expensive (typically more expensive than the Tivo N adapter).
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What does the tivo wireless n have that my netgear doesn't?
Not sure what type of adapter the Netgear is. I understand that Tivos are particular about USB wireless adapters. I do know that you can hook up a wireless bridge to the Tivo ethernet port. I've used a Zyxel WAP3205 and also the older (blue) Linksys WRT54G units running the free DD-WRT firmware. An added bonus of the DD-WRT unit is that it can do both bridge and repeater at the same time.
I had been using a Buffalo Air Station as a bridge for the last few years and that worked fine.

But with TiVo streaming now, I decided to try 802.11n. Got a refurbed Linksys wrt310n V2 from Amazon for about $25, installed DD-WRT firmware to allow it to be a bridge.

The bridge says it can do 117mb/s. Fast Forwarding seems a lot smoother. Will have to try running the microwave while streaming to see if that interferes with the signal the same way it did with the air station.
If you need wireless-N, I don't think there is any reason to buy the TiVo adapter. For wireless-G, the USB adapter was a good value and worth buying, I still use mine and I am not aware of anything being compromised by G rather than N. I much prefer the USB powered adapter with no AC outlet required.
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