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Do i need a new cable card moving from Roamio to Bolt 4K

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Hi everyone... Do i need a new cable card or are there any benefits to getting one as I move from Tivo Roamio to the latest Bolt+ 4K? My card is at least 5 years old on Verizon Fios - it works fine but not sure if i'd get a better picture with a newer one. Thanks.
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I went from a Premiere to a Bolt recently and just moved the card. I had to call to get it paired, but it was an easy process.
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Cable card has no effect on the picture quality.
As others have mentioned, the cablecards are interchangeable but you may need to get it re-paired by your cable co. Also you may want to confirm you are using a multi stream card so you can decode more than one channel at a time. If not your provider should be able to exchange without any problems.
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