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ok, i've had my tivo in a box for nearly 2 years after i sold out to sky + which i hated. I've now moved and have an NTL Samsung box, which i have connected to my tivo. it's been so long that i cant remember if i need the ir blaster or not.
the tivo is working on a basic level, except for the fact it doesn't change the cable channels at all.
I can't find the blaster , and just wanted to know if i can get tivo working without it. if not, where i can get one quickly in the UK, as i doubt if i can pick one up in Dixons!

p.s. can someone just tell me what scart plugs go where, just so i know i have connected everything properly as i did guess.


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You may want to ask this in the UK section. However, as far as I know, yes, you need the IR blaster. See if you can find any sellers of Xantech products in the UK. The Xantech 282M is my favorite IR emitter.
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