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i was recently offered a new tivo by customer care for only $35, and told it would be 5 to 7 days. when i didn't receive my tivo after 2 weeks, i called to ask why i hadn't received my tivo they said it usually takes 2 weeks and it should be there any day ( it took them at least 30 min to figure this out and two reps later) but i figured i love my tivo and it would be worth the wait. so when my tivo still wasn't here after a month, i called again, i waited an hour and half talked to 3 reps, and was informed that my order was never placed, and if i wanted a new one it would cost me $250 up front but after rebates it would eventually be free.
the end result after almost 7 years of service with tivo, my service was canceled and i have no tivo. before today i was the #1 fan, and now nothing.
i am dissappointed to be with out my beloved tivo, and left with a bad taste in my mouth from the worst customer service i have ever delt with.
if anyone has a better suggestion, of how i could one day be reunited with my tivo, let me know. :mad:
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