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this is all new to us.
does anyone know how to watch 1 channel while recording another with TiVo.
we have a RCA direcTV receiver and we cannot get it to work. thought maybe one of you more seasoned TiVo users would know a trick.
Please help.
Thanks for any help

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Your using a StandAlone TiVo.

There is a HUGE difference between a StandAlone SeriesII TiVo, where you pay a monthly-fee to TiVo and have a TiVo box connected to a DirecTV Receiver, and a DirecTV DVR with TiVo Service, an Integrated DirecTV Dual-Tuner reciever with a dumbed down TiVo hardware and service all in one.

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You can get the Tivo powered DirecTiVo units from a number of sources. Many for sale on Ebay. Weaknees and PTVUpgrade have them for sale as far as I know. Look for the series two units that are not the R10. They are made by Phillips, Samsung, Hughes, and RCA. Another benefit you get with those units is Dolby Digital Audio on optical fiber.

They will record two channels while you watch either of them (switch back and forth if you like) or watch a previously recorded program. Record one, watch one or a previously recorded, or watch two with a 30 minute buffer. Switch back and forth to eliminate commercials.
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