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dswallow said:
Well this is just gonna turn into that one extra straw someone should've held back. To have the nerve to talk about price decreases then to raise base package rates across the board...

I think if this comes to pass I'm gonna be making my first serious complaint call to DirecTV in 11 years and cutting programming down to a minimum package for awhile for the first time ever just to make a point (and test my ability to live with the lesser package :)).
Please tell me your kidding. The one thing Directv has done over the years is keep prices in check. Every year I hear the cable company raising prices. Sometimes twice a year.
Directv has almost every channel I could want....Cable plays the "we don't have calls for that channel" game all the time. I can still remember Comcast not offering Sci-Fi channel. What a croc.
Directv invests billions of dollars trying to give us HD programming, more programming and local channels in every market.
On the other side they get hammered by ESPN and others to pay more for their programming. Do you really think Directv wants to raise rates.
I own a business. Every year I have to check my prices with my costs. Every year I struggle to keep prices low. Change vendors or delete an item, all based on price.
Maybe its time to look at all the great stuff Directv offers and remember all the crap we had to put up with at the Cable company. Competition is good. And I for one think Directv does so much more then the competition.
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