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Until the end of May DirecTV advertised this mail-in-rebate: www.starzoffers.com
It states, "Credit to appear within 3-6 weeks of receipt of credit request." Mine was mailed in early July. There has been no credit applied to my account.

I received this response this morning about an e-mail conversation with DirecTV Customer Service about "RE: Starz DirecTV Credit Offer overdue": "....When I carefully reviewed my resources to verify your concern, I found that the credit will post in your account within 8-12 weeks, so I didn't take any further action." It seems like DirecTV is re-writing the offer now. Hmmm. :confused:

A similar event occurred with the DSL rebates last year. Customer service was good about applying the credit after calling them. However, they always seem to need reminders when dealing with DirecTV. So my advice is to think twice about DirecTV and rebates!

John in Phoenix
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