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I wouldn't say leaked. They announced it at CEDIA this week along with a one-sheet of preliminary specs:

  • Simultaneous SD/HD output
  • output to 1080i (NO 1080p)
  • dual sat tuners
  • 400/100 recording time (SD/HD)
  • HDMI, optical, etc outputs
  • 2 Ethernet jacks (no, I don't know why)
  • S-ATA, USB
  • Rack mountable (2U)
  • delivery in Dec 2007

If I can get to their booth tomorrow, I'll ask about OTA. I saw them showing some other splitters, etc as well but the booth was too crowded for me to get anyone's attention. It could be that they're muxing the OTA and Sat signals external to the receiver with one of these mystery devices.

- Shane Sturgeon

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THis is not yet released to the public?
I have always been able to have multiple HD TIVOS with the HD DVR from Directv HR-20 to record shows.
Now it looks like I will need to ramp up the non TIVO stuff fast.
This would make a great add on to my setup.
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