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kjohnson913 said:
I want to be able to have access to HD DVR programming in two rooms, with the least amount of effort....meaning cabling or setting up two season passes on everything and having to delete stuff on the one that I dont happen to watch it on, etc.. I would rather not have to buy another $500.00 DVR if I dont have to.
You can do this by wiring the HR10-250 to two different TVs. It's a bit more complicated because the HR10 does not have an RG6 output -- only component, composite, S-Video and HDMI. Further complicating matters, the unit will NOT output on both HDMI and component at the same time. You could use HDMI to one TV, and S-Video/RCA audio cables to a second set. Those cables are available in long lengths for very reasonable prices from monoprice.com. You won't get HD on the second set that way, however, since you'll be limited to S-video quality output. Another option would be to purchase an HDMI switcher (also available from monoprice.com) and a second HDMI cable for your other tv. You could then use wireless remote extenders to allow you to use your Tivo remote in either room.

I don't know a whole lot about HDMI switchers, but search on it in the HD tivo forum and you'll find plenty of info.

This setup would only allow you to watch one set or the other (with the HDMI switcher) or the same thing on both sets at the same time (using s-video).

Hope this helps.
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