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As far as I know and have been told by DirecTV, they will give you a new HR20-250 and the new dish and install for free when the new one is available if you have bought the HR10-250 so it shouldn't be a problem. What I don't know and am hoping someone can answer is:

I want to be able to have access to HD DVR programming in two rooms, with the least amount of effort....meaning cabling or setting up two season passes on everything and having to delete stuff on the one that I dont happen to watch it on, etc.. I would rather not have to buy another $500.00 DVR if I dont have to.

Can this be done? What are my options?

What is HMO/MRV?

What is all this talk about hacking the unit and unhackable etc. Why would I want to hack into my unit? Is there stuff that I could be doing that I dont know about, that I might actually want to do? If I hack into it, can it be made to perform faster? The speed sucks on the HR-10-250. The hard drive size is fine.
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