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Ok, so i hate the fact that Directv and Tivo don't like each other anymore. can't we all just kiss and make up.

anyways, my question is...I want to upgrade my Directv receiver to an H20 (without DVR) and have it run with my Series 2. Will my series 2 Tivo work with this receiver?

I know that my Tivo won't recored the HD channels off of the H20, but can I switch back and forth on my TV so that I can watch HD directly from the H20 and then also have my Tivo running and recording non HD programming. I do understand that I would need to be using one or the other and that I could not watch the H20 and recored on the TIVO at the same time if it was and HD feed.

Please help before i spend the money on a new receiver.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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