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DirecTV Do Not Call List Keeps Calling Me!

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DirecTV Do Not Call List computer keeps calling me! everyday or so!

i never listened to the message i just kept hanging up.

well this time I listened to it, so i thought, and entered my phone number.

then the damn thing said "Thanks for removing your phone number from the DO NOT CALL LIST and for being a loyal DirecTV subscriber"

oh dang, what did i do! lol

so went to donotcall.gov and re added my phone numbers to it. not sure what the heck directv is doing with all this - they probably where the biggest abusers or something.

anybody have this happpen to them? any idea what to do to put me back on their list and any idea why on earth they would call me to see if i want to remove myself from the list? makes no sense.
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If you are referring to DTV's compliance with the national "do not call" list, any vendor you are currently doing business with is exempt from the list. IOW, if you subscribe to DTV, they can then call you about anything they want.
I think they kept calling me because I didn't answer. Later when I saw the caller ID I called it back and it was a recorded message saying it was DirecTV's Do Not Call List blah blah blah.

I still question the intelligence (or integrity) of DuuhrekTeeBee (lol) of why they would make their computer call me to see if I want to be taken off the Do Not Call list.
I believe you were removed from their own do not call list, not the national one.
DirecTV has already received huge fines for their violation of the do not call list and for other false marketing problems. They are possibly the worst high visibility public company in the US in terms of abusive customer service and marketing issues. I used to be involved with a company that did some of their marketing and this was by design -- they are a predatory company by choice.
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