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DirectTV + Tivo Question

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I am a longtime DirectTV subscriber. I have a Phillips DSR7000 in the livingroom, a DirectTV R15-300 in the bedroom, and 2 Hughes GAEBOA in each of the kids rooms. None of the TVs we currently have are HD, but after recently refinishing my basement, I would like to put a nice TV in there. I absolutely love the interface of the TiVo in the livingroom and hate the one in the bedroom.

What I would really like is to have HD DVR in the basement, but be able to share programs with DVRs in the living room and my bedroom. The kids don't need a DVR. What kind of hardware would I need to set that up?
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First off, there is currently no solution for HD-TiVo and newest DirecTV MPEG4 HD. You have to give up one of those three.
Second, you cannot network non TiVo DirecTV DVRs to any sort of TiVo DVRs.

To network DirecTV TiVo DVRs is a bit complex, to network them to Standalones a bit moreso.

Your best solutions are, IMO;

  • Go completey to hackable DirecTV DVRs and hack them, and possibly get a non TiVo DirecTV DVR for the HD set.
  • Go to all Standalone DVRs and keep satellite. The DVRs will all be series 2s SD models though.
  • Go to cable and get a TiVoHD or two, and some Series 2s for the kids.
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