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OK.....so I have been having all the issues that you ALL describe in this discussion thread. I started to notice the issues right away, but since I am new to having satellite TV, I just thought that the pixelation and delays were due to satellite, NOT because of the TiVo DVR.
I lived with the problem for a while including the resets without calling because I at least knew that a reset would 'restore service' so I could keep watching TV. Didn't think much of it until I started to have to reset the receiver 2-3 times a day or more (I got mine mid-Sept 05).
Well, issues persisted - through holidays - but going through troubleshooting with first and second level not very fun - repeat the same story twice or more...NOT FUN! Anyway, I finally got sick of and called on Jan 10, 2006. They told me to reformat which took me a while cuz I had to watch everything that I wanted. After reformat, problem seemed to lessen, but not go away and now it's getting worse and worse - I missed Dr. Phil because of it freezing up...now I'm really pissed! Booooooo!
So....tonight I called D* and they of course made me explain the issue twice. Note after Jan 10th call they did admit I might need a new DVR, but NEVER told me that I would have to pay for it or sign a service contract due to leasing. Tonight, they told me that...urgh! Apparently, even though I've been having the issue since practically Day 1, since I waited until Jan 10th to call, I am OUT OF WARRANTY (no one ever explained a warranty option to me). Replacing it via D* will cost me $100 - is it worth it? And if so, what equip. do I ask for specifically?

How do I know what version of code I have on my receiver/DVR?
If there are defective drives out there, has anyone heard of discussion for addressing with the manufacturer?
How do I run diagnostics on it or check for failures and associated error messages?

(BTW - I am not the same as mlklein above....)
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