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MPEG4 is a compression technique used by D* for their new local (LiL) HD channels.

The HR10-250 can only decode MPEG2 compression. Therefore, if you purchase the HR10-250, you can get the following:
HBOHD - if you subscribe to HBO
SHOHD - if you subscribe to SHO
ESPN & ESPN2 HD - if you subscribe to the $10.99/month D* HD service
Several HD nets including Discovery HD - again if you subscribe to the HD service.

Since you live in Cambria, you might be eligible for the DNS HD services out of LA. Those stations are transmitted using MPEG2 compression and can be received by the HR10-250. Receiving the DNS HD service would depend on what is considered to be your local DMA, in this case it's probably Santa Barbara, which is so far down on the list that local HD service is probably years away.

Call D* and see what they tell you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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