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Direct TV DVR to Tivo

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Does anyone know if I can tranfer recordings from my Direct TV HD DVR to Tivo 2? I have some recordings on my Direct TV DVR I would like to keep and view in the future. I have a lifetime subscription to TIVO, so I'd like to move some of the recodings on the Direct TV DRV to Tivo, since then I will have them even if at some point I cancel Direct TV.
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Not possible. You'll need to copy those valuable recordings to a DVD Recorder, VCR, or PC with audio/video capture hardware/software.
Note once he has done that, THEN he can transfer to the TiVo. This is a limitation of the DirecTV DVR, not the TiVo. Even simpler than that, however, he can capture the output of the DirecTV DVR to his TiVo over the composite connection and record manually. He will have to transfer to a PC to give the videos names, actors, descriptions, etc., but his S2 TiVo will work fairly well as a video capture device.
since then I will have them even if at some point I cancel Direct TV.
Does the HD DVR require an active subscription to veiw recordings? I know my DirecTivo's allow me to watch my old recordings after I unsubscribed them, but I have no experience with the HD equipment. If the HD DVR works like DirecTivos, then he won't need to transfer anything (except as insurance against hardware failure).
The DirecTV DVRs do require active service to view recordings.
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