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We purchased a used RV 6 months ago - On some of our trips out we have noticed that the TV reception is not that great so the last time we went out we decided to take our DVR from the house and hook it up in the RV since we have tons of PPV movies recorded on it. We don't do the dvd's.

Anyway we hooked the unit up, it powered up and then got to the screen where it wanted to know what satellite we were using, of course it is hooked up through the antenna on the TV so we could not figure out how to get passed this stage nor could we watch all the movies we have recorded on the hard drive.

Can anyone please tell us what we are doing wrong?

Thank you
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Press the Directv button
We tried this and still nothing - It will not bypass the satellite screen.

Thank you
Does Direct TV have these programmed to only be used when hooked up to the Satellite? I know there are times at the house when the weather is bad and we lose our service to Direct TV we can still view our stored movies.
How much time did you give it when it was on the Sat screen? I accidently hooked my Sat cables to my Antenna in and out ports once and it took quite some time befor it would continue.

Perhaps not enough time - After it got passed that point what happened?
This is how we connect it: signal coming form RF input on the DVR, then outputted to the TV - yellow, white and red cables to outputs on the DVR - audio and video cable to the inputs on the TV - set to channel 3 or 4
Just buy a dvd player and leave the dvr @ home :rolleyes:
Take it back inside the house and finish guided setup.

Next time you have it in the RV, don't do guided setup, once you are in guided setup you are stuck until you hook it to a dish again.

Just turn it on and once it gets to the searching for satellite screen hit the DirecTV button to get to your now playing list.

Thanks I will try this.......Any additional info would be appreciated.....
See this post in answer your questions about your DirecTV DVR.
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