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Direct TV + dvr receiver (hughes)

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I just moved from cable to Direct Tv - in my bedroom I have a dvd recorder that worked fine with the cable digital box (not a dvr box) now I have a Direct TV Plus dvr receiver and the way they hooked it up I can play a dvd and get great sound from my sound system but cannot record a dvd (all I get is snow when I try to record) I thought I had the hookup correct. I followed the directions for hooking up a vcr and have the dvd recorder set to channel 3 which is the same channel as the dtv receiver. But still only snow. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. The dvd player part is hooked via component video, the direct tv receiver is hooked via s video. I have spent hours hooking and unhooking but to no avail.
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You need to set the DVD recorder to use the input that the TiVo is connected to.
Usually Line 1 or something like that. The RF (ch3) is for connecting cable or OTA for recording those.
I have the dvd recorder set to in1

here is my hookup

av1 on tv to DTV Tivo AVout 1
DVD Rec AV out to ssystem in
DTV Tivo audio out to ss in

there is an av in on the dvd recorder but I don't know where to hook the other end of the cables to? My thought is tomorrow to go buy a digital optical cable and hook that to the dgitial optical in on the sound system and then hook to the digital optical out on the DTV Tivo then hook AV to the AV in on the dvd recorder and the other end to the av out on the the dtv tivo? does that sound right?
Oh and I forgot even setting the dvd recorder to in1 and the tv to in1 now it records nothing no video or sound. I am at my wits end here
Basic setup.
One set of TiVo A/V outputs to the DVD A/V recorder inputs.
DVD outputs to one set of inputs on the TV.
Second set of TiVo A/V outputs to another set of inputs on the TV.

Once you see that this works then put the sound system into the mix.
Jim Thanks ok now that I have have everything working - tested with and without the sound system. Direct TV tivo audio hooked up to digital optical of sound system. removed the second a/v in from tv in to sound system in

Also something new is now occurring but it is not a problem - I have the dvd play/rec hooked via component video and have to tune to that component when playing a dvd - before when I did that I lost the tv picture but now I am still getting the tv broadcast but as soon as I put a dvd in to watch it overtakes the tv broadcast and all is fine can watch the dvd. I turn the sound system to Aux and get the sound from the dvd on the sound system.

So thanks again for all your help. it is greatly appreciated.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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