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Just curious what my options are here in regards with our new PVR that was installed today.

I have a traditional 18" dish with dual LNB. Inside I have a 3x4 switch where 2 of the outputs are going to my DirecTivo, one if going to my son's bedroom and the last one is going to our new DirecTV PVR.

I was wondering how I can get an additional line to my new PVR so I can take advantage of the 2nd tuner. I do have a Sedona Dual Destacker (D575) laying around.

I was thinking that I could replace the 3x4 with a 3x8 switch and then use a diplexor to stack two of the outputs over a single line and then use the destacker in the bedroom.

Will this work? If not, what other options do I have?

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