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Hi all,
Several years ago I purchased a Tivo Desktop Plus license from Tivo and used it for a while back then. I stopped using it for a few years and now I want to transfer some recordings over to my computer again. I still have the Desktop Plus license key, but not the Desktop Plus installer/setup files. I was able to download the regular Desktop software but have been unable to find the Plus to download.

Before I try the regular Desktop, whats the difference in features between Desktop and Desktop Plus? And does anyone know where I can download the Desktop plus installer?

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Hi there. First, there is no installer. When you apply the key you bought it gives you the option of Plus. That was the ability to have the TiVo get non-.TiVo programs from the PC. I don't have it installed at the moment. It's replacement: pyTivo Desktop and there is support. You can find its thread here: Easier to use pyTivo

Also see: Tivo Customer Support Community

update: Just powered on my XP box. Under File, there's an entry to select "Desktop Plus Upgrade". I assume you have 2.8.3 version.

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If you just need an installer, you can get it at Old Tivo to Go Versions . If I remember right, the plus was just to let you put any movie in the tivo recordings folder and it'd encode it for tivo compatibility on the fly. To do what you want to do, you don't need the plus.

You will need a new cert though. Once installed, do this:
"Now Playing List Not Available"

After that it'll be just like you remember.
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