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I missed TivoPony at the show, but I can vouch that they were in a conference room off the North Hall (N204, I believe).

I had to trek down a long hallway to reach their room. It should be noted that this and other hallways at the convention center had several conference rooms with lots of other companies also showing their wares, who no doubt couldn't afford main show floorspace.

And, the videos of Tivo's CES setup don't do justice to the homey feel that they had, which also included a nice welcome desk in the entry way, with several Tivos set up around the rooms on flatscreen TVs.

Plus, all of us who showed received Tivo-branded backpacks and breath mints. Microsoft provided none of this at their mammoth booth on the central floor and bored me to death with yet another Windows Vista overview ("Oooooo, look at the UI that we've most recently stolen from Apple.")

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