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Did my TiVo just die? (No audio)

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I've got an older Series 2 (pre-nightlight) and after moving it I can't seem to get any audio out. I've got the s-video and audio going from my uverse box into input 1 and from there out to my TV. I've plugged the audio straight into my TV just to make sure I was getting audio from the box and I am. No matter what I'm getting no audio out from the TiVo (including sound effects from TiVo itself) nor is there any audio any of the shows that I transfer from that TiVo my PC or my other TiVo. Rebooting didn't help, switching to input 2 didn't help either. Is it dead?
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Nice troubleshooting. Certainly seems like the Tivo's audio output died. Do you get audio using the RF Coax output?
D'oh! Why didn't I think of that? That one still works! Woo!
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