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DocNo said:
That's what your cable company wants you to think. They want you to just give up and lease a box from them, so they can get that revenue.

Just be patient. Eventually you will get it working - and it is worth it.
You got a bad installer.

Just got my first S3 HD (Tivo HD) fully working today and got the cable card install. I immediatley gave the sheet to the installer where it clearly notes that you need to do one at a time and do slot 1 first. My tech took it as gospel.

He said, "Wow, TiVo bothered to put this sheet together!?" When he called into the back office to setup the cards, he told them, "No, we need to do each one separate, I've got a sheet from the new TiVo and their clearly stating it...I'm not going to waste time, they've put this sheet together for a reason."

While my tech wasn't the most experienced installer with cable cards, he was definitely seasoned enough to follow whatever direction he could get on them. Our only wait was on a person in the back office who insisted on getting the work reviewed before committing. While it took a few extra minutes, it's all worked out extremely well, and I've got a fully functional TiVO HD.
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