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Did anyone watch Celebrity Rap Superstar? (yes, spoilers)

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I never even heard about it until it was a few weeks into the run, and I ran across it one night. Surprisingly, I got HOOKED!

Shar Jackson was a huge surprise--not only was she REALLY good, but she also made me really like her, when I had no feelings about her one way or the other. She was very charismatic. I would actually download the song she wrote. :eek:

I also liked Sebastian Bach, but I used to like him back in the day. I thought he brought a unique quality to his rapping which I liked a lot.

The Playmate. Ummm, well, I forgot her name that fast. :eek: Her booty shaking was REALLY getting on my nerves, but she finally got serious, and, even though she wasn't good at all, I appreciated her effort, and I grew to see her as multifaceted. I don't watch the show about them, so I didn't have any real knowledge of her, other than that she was one of Hef's girlfriends, and that was only because of this show.

I don't know who most of the mentors were, except I recognized MC Lyte, and the other guy's voice (the gravelly one), but I think they did a good job with some really raw material.

Anyway, did anyone else see this? What'd you think?
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Shamelessly bumping. :)
Sorry no...not my cup of tea.

I'd like to say how I really feel about rap...but I better not..this is a family forum. :)
I'm not a rap fan either, which is why I was shocked that I liked it.

Maybe I was the only one who watched. Oh well.
Is this a real show? April was like 6 months ago.
Maybe the worst show in the history of television. But I will say it was pretty shocking to see how good Shar was. Clearly Federline dumped his more talented wife for a much less talented wife and then dumped her too. Who is next Paris Hilton?

But the reality is most of the rapping was painful to watch. It was ridiculous that Kendra hung around near the top ever week, she was only a small notch above Kevin Wahler, The Baller.

I thought Sebastian Bach did really well, and I thought Perez Hilton did well with little actual talent.

I think the Shar/Sebastian duet of Tricky was the best moment of the show.
I think it's a tie between It's Tricky and Shar's original rap on the penultimate show. :up:

I have to admit I FFd through several of the more painful raps. :eek: We all know why Kendra (thanks for the name reminder) was getting so many votes. But really, her butt isn't even all that; she just shook it well.
I loved Shar and Sebastian. Sometimes it could be painful to watch, but moments with those two made it worth it.

I'd love to see a second season with maybe some bigger-name stars.
Shar did great! The Kendra chic was dreadfully awful.
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