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I have search high and low and it appears no one has been able to connect over verizon's voip called voicewing.

Do you guys know any tricks that could get this thing to download the new software?

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A couple of weeks ago, I switched to VoiceWing (Verizon's VoIP service), after reading on their FAQ section. This is a direct quote from the VoiceWing site:

"Does VoiceWing work with Satellite or DVR (e.g. TiVo) service?

VoiceWing will work with your satellite TV and DVR services, such as TiVo, but you could experience occasional issues. Should you have trouble ordering Pay Per View through your remote control you can call your Satellite TV provider directly to place the order. If you use a DVR service, you will need a wireline to initially set up your DVR feature. For TiVo users, you can visit the TiVo website at [tivo's site] for instructions on connecting your TiVo to your VoIP service. "

Well, needless to say, after two weeks of VoIP service, four hours of terrible muzak on hold with Verizon and DirecTV, I have a unit that can't update over my phone line and each company is blaming the other. Verizon tells me to call DirecTV, and vice-versa.

Then last night, something interesting came up from the DirecTV side. A tech support rep told me that at the end of this month (OCT. 2005) there will be a new DTV/DVR unit released that won't need to "dial-in" over a phone line for the software updates. He said the new model "D11" will update over the satellite connection. I told him that I felt that DTV should replace customers' units with the new model for free, because VoIP is NOT a new technology and they should've had this situation fixed by now--- so he then connected me to DTV sales.

Now... the first sales rep I spoke to said, yes, in fact- they are going to be selling this new, "D11" model at the end of the month, but they aren't taking orders for it yet, that it's not even in their system for pre-orders. But they do know about it.

Then she connected me to her supervisor, who confirmed that at the end of the month the D11 model will be released and its not reliant on dialing in over a phone line to get the updates. Thank goodness!! So, maybe just two weeks of annoying messages from my unit, then I can place an order for an upgrade (which by the way, DTV said it would qualify as an upgrade-- you wouldn't have to purchase a new unit on it's own) and then this whole headache will be gone!

SO -- there's the answer to everyone's problem with DTV/DVR units not being able to connect to VoIP lines! Finally. And you can thank me for sitting on hold for over four hours and finding that out for you all!

Retailers don't even know about the new model coming out yet. I called American Satellite today to ask about it, and the never even heard of a D11 model.

Hope this helps every person Googling "VoIP and DVR"!

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To bad the new Directv DVR is the R15, the D11 is just a standard reciever. Oh, and the new DVR (the R15) still requires a phone line. Bummer huh? Try serial PPP.,

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The new R15 DOESN'T require a phone line... not the same way a TiVo does at least.

All DirecTV Recievers "technically/contractually" require a phone line, but the R15 doesn't make a call out like the TiVo product does... (not sure how I missed the original post).


As to what is serial PPP.

It is a method that you can use to connect your TiVo a PC via a Serial Cable, and make the "call" to the TiVo servers.

Basically it will use your PC as the POP dial-in point, and connect to the tivo serves.

Requires you to buy or build a cable, and when you want to make that call... move either your TiVo or yoru Computer around, so they can be connected... to initiate the call.
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