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Dexter - 12/18/11 - This is the Way the World Ends

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As season finales go with Dexter I was not thrilled. I saw the ending coming and I really hate the Deb character. I was really hoping she'd be eliminated.

Although I guess it could be somewhat interesting for Deb to know Dexter's "secret" I'm thinking next season could be as uninteresting as this one unless they have a direction in mind that I'm not seeing.
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I knew Deb would show up at the church, but figured it would be right after Dexter killed Travis and she'd still be none the wiser. If Dexter were smart, he would've killed Travis in the basement of the church, out of sight should anyone wander in.

The finale in general was decent. If they take the route of Deb and Dexter hooking up next season, though, I may have to bail. I can't stand that storyline. I know they're not really brother-sister, but they're close enough to make me want to vomit if they become a couple.
As soon as Deb told Dexter he had to go back to the church for evidence it made no sense to me and I figured out right away how it would end. After figuring out the Gellar thing early on this season was a big disappointment. Contrast to Trinity when I didn't see that ending coming at all.
I figured it out too but that doesn't make it any less impactful... And even when I saw it coming I thought for sure she would witness it but he wouldn't know she was there--I didn't expect him to see her. Saw it coming or not, that's a pretty game-changing ending.

I don't get all the Deb hate, and not really feeling the "I love my Brother" storyline (although I guess on some level it makes sense?), but that scene was six seasons in the making...all the lies, and especially all the near-misses, it's pretty big.

Everything else about the finale was "meh". It reminded me of season three a bit where you're just like "who cares?". I'm still shocked that the show was upped for TWO more years because it's getting and harder and harder for them to keep the emotional pace of their good seasons going... This season had it's moments but they were relying too much on Angel and Quinn, then the thing with the Captain and Laguerta, etc, because they're running out of juice.

Also WTF was up with the hand? Louis bought it on ebay, then drew lines on it and sent it back to Dex? He's obviously obsessed with him but I'm not following that whole thing. Seems like they're setting him up for something next year but he doesn't seem like a serial killer.
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As soon as Deb told Dexter he had to go back to the church for evidence it made no sense to me and I figured out right away how it would end.
Yes, this episode was a pathetic attempt by the writers to connect the dots. They knew what they wanted for the final scene, then they filled in the rest of the episode with a bunch of ridiculous occurrences and contrived situations in order to get to the final scene. This episode was so bad that I don't even want to discuss all the mistakes the writers made.
It's not a very good sign that people guessed the exact ending of the season, not 15 minutes before it ended, but like 6 weeks ago.

This is the speculation I've read about where the show would go basically everywhere.

UGH what seemed would be the best season ever turned out to be the worst. In fact without a major turnaround next season I can't see sticking around to watch it fail worse.
I wonder if the fact that Hall and Carpenter are split up as a real life couple is any clue as to whether we might see them hooki up in the next season.
As soon as Deb told Dexter he had to go back to the church for evidence it made no sense to me and I figured out right away how it would end. After figuring out the Gellar thing early on this season was a big disappointment. Contrast to Trinity when I didn't see that ending coming at all.
Agreed. All pretty predictable, and a fairly weak end to a very weak season.
This episode was so bad that I don't even want to discuss all the mistakes the writers made.
Thank god.
....not with a bang but a whimper.

Talk about accurate episode titling. Apart from the last moment, this was not very compelling at all. Here's hoping for a better next season.

(I do acknowledge that the title probably refers to Dexter's world ending due to Deb's discovery, not to the End Of Days Travis was focused on, nor to Travis' own end. In that respect, I guess the title is clever. I prefer to look at the title as a summary of the season, though).
Seems like they had an end goal (Deb finding out) and then tried to work it out from there. They added her "being in love" with Dexter as a plot device to make her "dilemma" interesting next season. I think it would be more interesting without that twist. This reminds me of how Lucas had to come up with a Vader turning point and then wrote a steaming pile of horse manure plot to get there. Same thing here.

Not really understanding the syringe thing. Did he have one with just saline or something? Last time he got stabbed in a non-vein it did knock him out. This time it didn't. Just a minor curiosity among many. Also curious is leaving Dexter alone in the crime scene and not noticing loud hammer noises. Of course, given that his face was painted in about 3 strokes you'd think that he could have just sprayed it once with something to make it magically disappear.

This season would have been more interesting if the intern had actually jumped in halfway through and started a murderous rampage.
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Not really understanding the syringe thing.
I rewatched that twice. Logically, he must have either not really stuck the needle in, or not have pushed the plunger. From the way Dexter turned his head, it looked like he was trying to hide from Travis that he was not sticking the needle in (but rather just letting it slide along his skin on the outside), but when I rewatched the scene that angle did not look steep enough for the needle to miss.

Then the camera cut away from the syringe at the last second so we could not see whether he actually pushed the plunger, or faked that.
The needle-stick was clarified by a show runner in an interview:

He emptied the needle before sticking himself. They shot some angles showing this, but they didn't work right in editing. Then they did a voiceover explaining it, but that didn't work either. So they didn't include that. Instead, they just left it as a confusing mess, an exercise for the viewer to puzzle out (little editorializing by me, there). Unaddressed entirely is the air embolism he would have receive from an emptied needle...
The only surprise this season was that Batista's sister didn't get killed.
The whole "I'm in love with my brother" plot line is just icky.
Been thinking about it, and the more I think about it, the more I see how badly that entire reveal was messed up. After six years, that is pretty much the biggest scene in the series' history, and yet the way they crafted it sucked.

First off, after six years they have Deborah realize she's in love with him (potential grossness aside) seemingly out of nowhere, two episodes ago. Not at the beginning of the season or even the middle, but towards the end. That "twist" seems to be out of left field and also crosses some lines/ requires time for people to accept in a way they're actually emotionally invested in it instead of grossed out (although people need to relax a bit, they're not ACTUALLY RELATED). Still, the whole plot line REEKS of daytime TV shenanigans. We didn't have time to really "buy" it, which impacted the weight of the cliffhanger.

Then she tells her therapist, who has to be the worst shrink of all time. I know it's TV but the writer's just took the easy way out here and had the therapist not only on board with Deb's plan to let him know how she feels, but she practically facilitated it. No one in their right mind would push that course of action without a TON of examination/discussion. It was just a lazy shortcut so that Deb would try to find him at the end of the hour.

Then there was the actual build up within the episode. Just so damn poor. Deb tells him he needs to go back to the church again to "clear" the crime scene so she can release it? What? I think there could have been 40000 ways the writers could have went to get them in the same room at the end of the episode, and they chose the stupidest one possible. It was just dumb.

Like I said earlier, the one thing they got me on was that Dex actually saw her too--that's pretty big. I thought for sure that most of next season would consist of Deb secretly spying/trying to unravel what he's doing while he remains oblivious, but him seeing her in that last second changes that dynamic completely.

I'm sure the whole "in love with him" thing is where the producers wanted to go because it creates an entirely new dilemma for Deb, but that's what I DON'T like about it. That moment (and the consequences of it) would be MUCH more interesting/realistic if they spent the season building up her reliance/love for him AS HER BROTHER and then just as she realizes he's truly the only one in her life that she knows she can trust, she walks in on him killing Travis. To me, the "romantic" angle makes it cheesy and boring, not interesting.
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Ausiello has an interview with the show-runner where he shows how utterly clueless he is about some things... I am not hopeful that this show can return to its former glory, at least under the current administration.
TVLINE | Finally, the reaction to a possible Deb-Dexter romance seems more negative than positive. There's a genuine ick factor there. Will that impact how far you take the storyline in the final two seasons?
No. I'm not aware that there's an ick factor, but that's certainly not going to affect where we go with that story.
Seriously? You're not aware that incest (even adoptive) leads to an ick factor?!?

Doesn't follow Woody Allen's career, I guess... :D
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