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Descriptions No Longer Say "Repeat"

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The show descriptions on the D-Tivo menu no longer say whether a show is a repeat. Its getting difficult to tell if a show is a repeat, and tonight "My Name is Earl" was a repeat (even though it didn't say "repeat") and it recorded. How is Tivo (or me) supposed to know if a show is a repeat?
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TiVo uses the original air date to determine whether it's a repeat. If the air date was more than a week ago it is considered a repeat.
I noticed that same "glitch" when I was setting up all of my season passes. I noticed that specifically on NBC and ABC the shows didn't say repeats, but at the least the season premires are notated.
Earl wasn't listed as a repeat because NBC added a few extra minutes of footage previously un-aired. They bulked up last year's finale before next week's new season premier. Gotta love tv marketing...
Same here. Earl showed up on my Now Playing List as a new episode. It took me a few minutes of watching it to remember I had already seen this episode :)
I suspect Earl was not labeled repeat was because the episode was edited to now contain that "Save Earl" music video.
I am also not seeing repeat on anything since the 6.3e upgrade. This includes CSI episodes from 2003 - I think that is older than one week!!! :eek:

Seems to be an issue with how the guide is determining repeats, it looks like, for now, nothing is a repeat - no matter how old it is. I just delete them and move on - for now...
As far as I know, that text is not calculated by the TiVo. It comes from Tribune and is simply text.
The Descriptions for HD shows also now show "High-Def" instead of "HDTV" as it did before.

I now check the OAD to see if shows are repeats.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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