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Ever since I have had my 10-250, there have been questions about the ability of the unit to pass DD audio over HDMI. Even though my TV manual said it would accept the DD audio, it never did. Until now, I had know way to know if DD was being output of HDMI from the TIVO.

Just got a new Denon 3808 and hooked up HDMI to then Denon from the TIVO and then out to TV via HDMI. Reciever gets DD audio from the 10-250 just fine. No need to run optical to the receiver.

HDMI audio and video switching is nice to have.

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I'll make a guess, two actually. Either:

1. The TV will process and accept DD, yet not over HDMI


2. The TV will accept HDMI yet is only compatible for v1.0 (the HR10 outputs v1.1 HDMI). Your Denon is new enough to accept v1.1.

Or maybe a little of both.

Bottom line, I love happy endings.
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