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starbreiz said:
I am noticing that the previews for next week allude to Manny's abortion, despite the fact that they never aired that episode in the US.
I too am addicted based on my love of the original series. But what's this about Manny's abortion? Since the thread isn't spoiler tagged, I won't ask you to reveal any secrets but since they don't appear to be airing the ep. here in the US, can some kindly Canadian who's seen it provide a tagged synopsis of the plot for that episode and where in the schedule it would have fallen?

Was she pregnant with Craig or Spinner's baby?

My big beef with Noggin is the fact that the Tivo schedule doesn't take into account the music videos added on the end of each Noggin show. I learned to pad the frontend for 1 minute and the backend by 5 just to make sure the beginning and end of the recording don't get cut-off.
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