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Read this in the August 30th SkyReport:

TiVo Reports Q2 Results

They may have come weeks after most companies already reported, but quarterly results from TiVo were announced Wednesday for the DVR-specialist's period ending July 31. And with the company recently launching its lower-priced HD DVR, coupled with deals it struck with Amazon, DIRECTV and Comcast earlier this year - investors and analysts alike were anxious to see just how TiVo has performed so far.

Blah Blah blah - click link to read more about Tivo's financial status
I want to know what deal Tivo struck with Directv? Could this be a Tivo branded Directv Reciever coming back???

I can dream

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I don't know of any "new" deal struck between TiVo and DirecTV.

They could be referring to the announcements that DirecTV will be upgrading their TiVo powered units, but there hasn't been a new deal or extension of the current deal.

There is no new DirecTivo in development or in discussions to be developed.

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I am not sure that a software update really constitutes a "deal" because I would assume that these updates were negotiated when the new contract was signed, so there is probably no monetary value to these updates. Just a guess.

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About such a deal? That'd be GREAT!

I got bushwhacked by the TiVo Community e-mail that mentioned a FREE Series 2 after rebate.

After clicking a few times I came to realize that it's NOT a DTV TiVo like the one I've been using for three years. And the only ones they offer with coupons, (the free one is a single receiver,) won't record two satellite channels at once.

I'd really like to get a TiVo that'd use my PC's LAN port through my PC's broadband model to do all the stupid 'Phone-Home" operations it desires. (Living on the road means I don't have a land-line to connect it to.)

I'm going to go browse the DirecTV website for a while....

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