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Dark picture

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When I watch tv without the tivo it is fine. When recording with tivo in the best quality the recorded picture is very dark . I have used all the different cable hook up's. Anybody know what might be the problem. Thanks
Aaron :down:
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Need more information ....

* Tivo model number?
* Brand/model TV?
* How is the Tivo connected to your TV (inputs/outputs, cables, connections)?
* What is your video source (Cable TV, Cable Box, satellite receiver)?
* Have you tried resetting/rebooting your Tivo?
* Does this happen on all channels? Which one(s)?
Series 2 Tivo 80 purchased from best buy 2-18-06. It was my second one, had to take back first one due to picture quality. This one was not much better. It has never had the quality I wanted. Picture is dark on all channels when watching live tv through the tivo as well as when you record. I have adjusted my tv, even calibrated it, also purchased a cable amp booster, none of which helps much. My cable co. is Vista 3 media.
Tv is a 42 inch Sony. Cable Connected to tivo straight from cable. Source to tv is composite a/v cables. Thanks,
Have you tried ...

1) Other composite inputs on your TV (assuming it has others).
2) S-Video input on your TV (if available).
3) Connecting the dark TiVo to another TV.
4) Another set of A/V cables.
5) Playing the recorded shows back on a computer (using TivoToGo)
I have tried every cable there is. I have not tried the tivo on another tv. I don't know what tivo to go is. It would not be worth moving to another tv. If it is this much trouble I may as well just get me a dvr and forger tivo. Thanks,
The A/V cable was probably the most unlikely problem but I figured I'd mention that.

If I had to guess, it sounds like the A/V input's black level may be off. I've had this problem before on one TV set but there isn't much you can do about it other making picture adjustments (contrast/brightness). Kind of annoying, I know.

Just moving your Tivo to another set as a quick check might isolate the problem.

TivoToGo is a program you can run on a PC to watch programs recorded on your Series 2 Tivo. Here's a link if you're interested:

Thanks for your help. I will investigate the tivo to go. If necessary I will move the tivo to another tv. Only problem here is that I do not have the input on the other tv's as I do this sony. I may have to get off tivo service as it just not worth the cost for the service I'm getting. Thanks again,
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