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Dark Matters: Twisted But True The Philadelphia Experiment, Ape-Man Army, Zapped to D

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New show I can't wait to watch premiers tonight.

The series premiere features the shocking story of Soviet scientist Dr. Ilya Ivanov, who in the 1920s attempted to start his own "planet of the apes." In an attempt to build an invincible army, Ivanov tried to crossbreed humans with apes to create a race of supersoldiers. Viewers also will be introduced to Morris Jessup, a self-identified UFO expert who attempted to expose what he believed to be a military cover-up involving experiments with invisibility. Finally, unorthodox studies by America's greatest inventor, Thomas Edison, result in a dark and unintended invention which remains infamous today.
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Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out. Sounds interesting. :):up:
Ooh - hosted by John Noble. I'm in. I can't think of a more perfect host for this type of show. It'd be cool if he's in character as Walter Bishop...
Isn't that something? Perhaps Leonard Nimoy can do a cameo? ;) (...In Search Of)
I think I liked the Edison segment the best. It seemed more factual than the other two. All were interesting though.

During the Ape/Human segment, the many shots of test tubes and beakers filled with white viscous liquid started making me queasy.
Just set up a recording. Thanks!
Just started watching this show - saw the one about Einstein and Agent Orange last night. The acting in the dramatizations may be the worst in the history of television, but a lot of the topics are interesting.
Was there a second season? If so I missed it and will have to find it somehow.
Was there a second season? If so I missed it and will have to find it somehow.
I think the second season just started.
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