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OK. Now, I watched this show for literally 10 minutes. Someone tell me if I'm crazy or if I really saw this. I watched the waltz dance with the woman who's father was a dancer but who didn't dance herself: I don't remember her name (she didn't look familiar to me and I didn't see all the intro stuff for her).

When she's waltzing, maybe 25% through, she holds her skirt out with one hand while her partner is twirling her around. Her skirt flairs up REALLY high. So, OK, no big deal... but it seriously looked to me like she had no underwear on! This is in SD so I couldn't be sure. Maybe she was wearing flesh-toned underwear... but there seemed to be some ... ah ... definition rather than just smooth fabric. Maybe a thong (!)? Did anyone else see this? Am I just a sick puppy? Are those mutually exclusive? Am I turning into Donald Rumsfeld?

I wasn't recording and this wasn't enough incentive to start, so I can't check again. I'm mainly just curious if anyone else saw this. It seems to me like it can't have been, because surely they would have edited it out ... right?

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Well, while some of you were looking up the girls' skirts, I was actually watching the dancing, such as it was.

I amused myself tonight by trying to second-guess what marks the judges were going to give out before they announced them. I thought about trial-judging, and writing down my own marks, but didn't.

Which was dumb, because I should know from watching ice dance compulsories that your brain goes to mush after a while. Who was that couple again? What did they do? Thank goodness they have the review at the end. I am definitely out of practice.

Since the International Skating Union has gone to their new improved and even more obscure judging system, Dancing with the Stars is the place to go if you want to play the figure-skating-fan's most favorite game, who's got the placements?

My #1 pick: Drew and Cheryl The judges agreed, giving them 24 points (8s across the board)
my favorite routine of the night, the only one where I said, "Oh, yeah, this is dancing!" :up:

#2 with 23 points a tie between
-- Giselle and Jonathan (Carrie Ann 7 Len 8 Bruno 8)
I agreed with the judges that there was nice rise and fall, but it seemed forced at times. Definitely distracted watching the delectable Jonathan. ;)

-- Tatum & Nick (Carrie Ann 7 Len 8 Bruno 8)
I have to side with Len here, I don't want to see highlight, highlight, highlight all the time

then there's the main pack. Something went awry here because the numbers I took down while I was watching don't agree with the announced totals at the review at the end of the show. I must have screwed up my totals.

Jerry & Anna (7s across the board)
Jerry didn't totally suck! I figured he would be much lighter on his feet than someone like Evander. I'm wondering if he might do better in the smooth dances. We'll see.

Stacey and Tony
Tia & Maksim
Lisa & Louis

Of this group, I liked Stacey the best, but that wasn't saying much. The girls are always so nervous and stuff in these early waltzes. :(

Then we have the two contenders in the "let's channel John O'Hurley contest" -- so sad. :p

The "I'll play the old card" contestant: with 18 points, George and Edyta (Carrie Ann 7 Len 5 Bruno 6)

why can't that poor girl get a break? :(
And what are the producers thinking, anyhow? It's not enough that he's old, he's also injured?

The "I'll be a clown" contestant: 13 Kenny and Andrea (Carrie Ann 4 Len 5 Bruno 4)

I wonder what he could have done, had he only taken it seriously?

12 P. Miller and Ashly (4 across the board)

Why can't that poor girl get a break, volume 2. Gotta respect P for showing up after only a week's practice. Also wonder what he might have been able to do if he had been in on the gig from the beginning.

So -- just like before, I really don't enjoy the early waltzing, because the girls are almost always nervous and stiff, and it doesn't feel like a waltz. Somehow the bad cha chas are more tolerable. I know they have to do it this way because it's difficult for the guys to be able to hold a frame straight off the bat, but --

Watching my late local news as I type this, and here's sportscaster Larry Beale on KGO 7, reporting on the show at the end of the sports broadcast -- "the way [Anna] was moving, I didn't even notice Jerry.... George Hamilton -- the suntan is not going to get you by."



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<-- One of the many people who watched Stacey, then turned it off.

Am I the only one thinking she's a favorite (I've heard there are actual Vegas odds and she's the top) not only because she's athletic and has some dance experience, but there are going to be a TON of votes from those of us who didn't watch this show before but watch her in the WWE?

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I didn't watch the first season, so this is all new to me. I'm hoping my partner will tire of it so we won't have to watch it anymore. While there were a couple of good routines, for the most part it was painful. George Hamilton's facial expressions were attempts at looking suave, something he usally does well. In this, it looked like indigestion. The sports announcer did indeed look like a marionette and the rapper looked like Frankenstein. Maybe once they weed out the obvious choices, it might be entertaining to watch.
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