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Damages 10/9/2007 (S01E11) "I Hate These People"

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I long-ago expected Ray to be gay; and as soon as he was seated at the bar next to Gregory in this episode/flashback, I knew where that'd go. And they even had him dwell on another waiter in case there weren't enough hints already.

I didn't expect Ray to blow his brains out at the end. That was a shock.
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I though they had established the gay relationship between Ray and Greg long ago. The twist to me was that Greg was NOT gay.

I think they've done a pretty good job of misleading us--good in the sense that they haven't cheated, just set us up to jump to certain conclusions. I just hope they can sustain their tightrope act between fair and unfair fro two more weeks!
I didn't think Ray was going to do it...whoa...

What was the significants of the pink cigarette container in umm...Katie hand???
Once Ray was getting closer to having to turn on Becker I assumed he was "where the blood on the shoe" came from. After the gay thing came out, I knew he was going to blow his brains out.

I love this show but the hopping back and forth between time periods gets confusing some times.

Yes, it does get confusing. I still love it though.

I knew Patty couldn't have killed anyone since she's the main character....

Didn't see the Ray thing coming though...

Also, now we have Lila and Katie back in the picture..who's on who's side here?
H-m-m...Was Katie in with Frobisher the whole time?

Who did end killing David and what did Lila "leave behind" in his apartment? (I'm assuming she left behind something..why would she be there and then leave without letting David know?)....

I'm hoping they do keep us on the tightrope, but that they wrap things up relatively clearly (if not neatly!) by the end of the season....

Does anyone know if this "case" will continue into next year and/or which characters are staying with the show? That would give us some glimpse of where the "cliffhangers" might be....
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I'm so confused... In the one schene - that we have seen over and over - when she and David get into the fight - and she puts the ring on the table and walks out ... but - this time, she walks out of the building, we see Katie standing in the dark ... Hubby said he thought it was the Video Tape that she was holding? but - this is suppose to be, right before David is murdered???
I think, the time mix and matching is throwing you off. The walk off scene is after this incident with Lila hiding in the house. This is leading up to the breakup and the murder.

Greg is already dead at this point.
Greg is the not-gay not-lover of Ray. David is the ex-fiance of Ellen. Angbear is talking about David, not Greg.
Rob Helmerichs said:
Greg is the not-gay not-lover of Ray. David is the ex-fiance of Ellen. Angbear is talking about David, not Greg.
Oops - so sorry! Yes - meant David!

I'll FYP
I meant David as well...LOL...

I should have said, David isn't died at this point. Sorry
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