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After my OEM hard drive went out, I upgraded to a Seagate 300GB drive. Upgrade went well, I now see 290+ hours, received the 6.2 upgrade and all locals and subscribed channels make scheduled recordings.

However, every few days the system will hard lock and the only solution is to pull the power cable and reboot the system. Then all works fine again until a few more days go by.

Its been about 3 full weeks since my upgrade and its locked up about 5 times. Once even while I was watching a scheduled recording.

Temperature reports as "Normal" in the info screens, so I don't think its overheating. Have I got another bum drive? There were no problems reported while it was plugged into my PC for the upgrade.

Any other thoughts besides running a scan on the drive from a PC?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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