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Hi All,

Just installed my first Stream 4K and getting used to it. I've hunted around here and not finding answers to these questions, maybe I'm using the wrong keywords. :/

I am using Channels Plus DVR to stream/record my cable company channels through the Tivo, on a non-smart TV. It works great, but it seems like there's a lot of clicking around to get to the app and then use its guide. I'm assuming this is because Channels Plus isn't a native app, I had to add it.

First, is there a way to get the Channels Plus guide to show up in the Tivo Stream guide? Or do I have to click around through the apps every time to get to it?

Second, is there a way to default to the Tivo guide on startup - or to the Channels Plus guide if I can't get it to merge into the Tivo guide?

If there's a setup guide I've missed that would show how to do this, please let me know where. I've gone through several that didn't mention these. Sorry for being a newbie, I hope to get fluent quickly!

Thanks in advance!
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