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This is my current setup and it works really well, I've had it set up for quite a few years now and I'm going to need to set up and new system in a new house soon and wondering if my setup is outdated, is there a better/easier/cheaper way to do this?

In case you can't see the equipment I have:

Dual LNB Directv dish
2x4 Multi Switch
Two Directv R10 DVRs
Cable Tronix CTARM1 Modulator (fed via composite cables from one R10)
Tru Spec Signal Combiner (fed via coax from CTARM 1 and other R10)
ASKA 25dB signal amp
ASKA 8-way splitter

RCA Extender cones allow units to be operated from other rooms.
R10 unit A operated on Channel 4
R10 unit B operated on Channel 15

Any suggestions?


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At the new house you will need a new dish. Either the Phase III triple LNB version or the new AT9 dish to be used with MPEG4. Everything else should be fine. Except for a multiswitch if you need more than the four lines that the Ph III supports.

Just make sure that you run at least three lines to each room that may have a DVR. Two for satr and one for OTA. Set aside a closet or some area that will be the homerunarea for all coax lines, from dish and antenna, and to the rooms.
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