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Curb Your Enthusiasm 09/30/07***spoilers***

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Great episode. Funniest of the season so far.

"Get up inside that a$$, Larry."
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I loved it when he called Cha Cha and she got the idea that he was pleasuring himself.
This season has seen this series return to form. There was such a big let down after the end of the season with Larry in The Producers, and the show really seemed to have lost it's way and/or been seeking a way to end it all.

This year started well and has just been rolling and left me LMAO.
I love Leon!

P.S. Did you know Larry David is 60 years old?! (You can look it up on IMDB.)
This aired on 9/30/2007 not 10/1/2007. Fortunately it's the only thread about this episode so there's no confusion.

I thought last season was quite good. This season has been good as well. I like the way they are using the Blacks quite a bit, but I hope they don't underuse ted danson as a result.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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