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So I may be the only one out here still watching Criminal Minds (I thought it had been cancelled until the final season started showing up on my DVR), but I got a pretty good chuckle when Rachel Leigh Cook showed up as a potential love interest for Reid on the episode "Saturday" a few weeks ago.

At first it was "Hey-- I recognize her from those vineyard movies on Hallmark". But then there was a meet cute., followed by her nephew begging Reid to follow along, and his mother making it obvious she was single. Reid's story was probably the C story and nearly completely non-intersecting with the A & B stories, so to me it seemed as a mini Hallmark movie within the episode.

My wife doesn't watch Criminal minds, but she's all about Hallmark and Hallmark Mysteries, so I played her just the Reid story and she got a laugh as well (well, maybe she was laughing at me for showing it to her, but why quibble).

Then a couple episodes later came "Date Night", which if "Saturday" felt like a mini Hallmark Channel movie, could be considered a sequel/2nd half on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. This time Reid is the 'A' story, and again the episode hits a lot of Hallmark tones.

Anyway-- just wondering if anyone else observed this strange mash-up. If you like Hallmark shows and know anything about Criminal Minds you may want to watch those two episodes.

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Not really a Hallmark movie. More like a Lifetime Movie Channel movie.

While Rachael Leigh Cook has been cast in quite a few Hallmark romances in recent years, she was an FBI agent for three seasons of Perception (with Eric McCormack as a Reid-like consulting psychologist).

Only four episodes of Criminal Minds left in this final season, so I don’t think we’ll see her again.
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