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I don't normally watch this show the day it airs, but I couldn't sleep...

This was probably the best episode of the series - and probably one of the best episodes of any drama series I watch (top 10).

Maybe I'm hormonal, but I cried at the end knowing that this woman really did give up her life for her child.

They had the perfect actor playing Jacob - I had only noticed that actor when he was on Revelations, but he can really play the psychopath... I'm not sure I could be in the same room with him even knowing he's just acting.

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I was very impressed by this episode. I've just started watching the last 2-3 episodes and I like it (I always like Mandy Patinkin).

But this episode was really good. I was sure that they'd do the utterly predictable thing and find a way to save the mother... but they didn't! That's a really bold move, IMO, for a prime-time drama on a major network. Good stuff.

I'll keep this SP for a while.

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This is indeed a great series. Started watching it from the very beginning, and after the first few episodes (which I enjoyed), I was afraid the show may not last. Fortunately, it's proved me wrong. This most recent epsisode was definately VERY powerful. Once you realized what was happening, and that the mother was basically sacrificing her life so that her son could live a successful, normal life....WOW. TV shows and movies usually don't ever effect me, but this one definately made you stop and think. Good stuff.

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Yeah, this one was a little subversive. They set it up to be yet another "how evil the death penalty is" story, and then took it in an entirely different direction that really had nothing to do with the death penalty.

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Just got done watching this...

So I love this show and I loved this episode - but I can't believe that Gideon allowed her to die knowing she was innocent.

While I respect her intentions and all, she was an innocent woman that he allowed to be executed - was there no way for her to sign over parental rights or something...

Again very powerful episode and very well done - just very unsettling.

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Just watched. I really wanted her not to die, but I can see there was no way for her not to and for her son to have any kind of normal life. Even if she signed away her rights, legally the state would have to acknowledge that her son was alive for her execution to be stayed and then overturned, and that means that her son would have to be acknowledged as the son of a sexual sociopath. That would follow him for the rest of his life, even if he knew the sacrifice his mother was willing to make. And can you imagine the media frenzy?? Gak.

Really good episode. I cried too, but I cry at the ending of almost every Cold Case, so big surprise.

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I am a johnny-come-lately to this show. I normally stay away from any cop/law or doctor shows as a rule.

I was talked into this by some family members, and I do not regret it. This was actually the second episode I saw and it was very moving.

I have enjoyed every episode I have seen.

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This is a good show except they try to explain stuff a little too much. It's like they always have to have a "super smart FBI agent teaches the local yokel" scene.

Once I get past that scene each week, it's a great show. Hopefully they can get away from that once the shows gets going. CSI is still doing it to this day though...

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Just got this one watched-I love this show but it always ends up last in my to-watch list for some reason.

Excellent episode, but I kind of hated that it was as unrealistic as it was. No WAY that lawyer would have let that happen.

Mandy, as always, is superb.

(Plus, yes, I cried to, but I'm also a Cold Case crier. :D)

I'm glad to see it catch on myself. I've been watching since the beginning and was afraid it was going to tank. It'll be nice to see something Mandy's in do well for a change.
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