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I have a Tivo 60hr series 2 that is about 3 years old and I use a netgear wireless adapter to hook into my wireless network. This weekend, I finally upgraded my old computer and bought a new one with WIN XP. One of the main reasons was that I was psyched to use TiVoWeb and start transferring shows onto my CPU for burning onto DVDs.

I established the connection to the TiVo using TiVo desktop with no problem and was able to view everything in "Now Playing". I started transfering a show across and after about 5 minutes I noticed that it had gotten interrupted. I went to the TiVo and noticed that for some reason the TiVo was suddenly not recognizing the ethernet adapter.

I restarted the machine and when it came back on it recognized the adapter fine (this is the same procedure I had used a couple of time before in the past when I noticed that the ethernet adapter wasn't being recognized). I retstarted the transfer and left to run an errand. When I came back I checked my computer and saw that the transfer had been interupted again. When I turned on my tv I found that the TiVo was in a powering up loop, where it never got off the gray screen. I unplugged and replugged in and now am getting just a black screen and all of the lights (green, yellow, orange, and red) are all lit up on the front. The fan is running in the back.

I've been a TiVo owner for about 6 years and have had 3 different ones die on me. My gut reaction is that the HD is dead. I guess I was just hoping someone could confirm this for me.

But also, is there anyway that TiVoweb could have done this? This unit was 3 years old and worked great until today. It seems too much of a coincidence that the day I try to transfer a show across it dies!

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