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This was funny.. I called today to cancel my Dish Network subs. We have had 3 SD TV's here. 2 with the DP301 (no dvr), and one with the 510 (dvr) box, and with the middle of the line plan, have been paying $84 a month.

I recv'd a 10-250 as a XMas present (they thought I had DTV), so I went out and bought the oval 3LNB dish, and another 10-250, and a D10. When I called up, they asked why I was cancelling, and I told them because I got my current setup about $25 a month cheaper with DTV than DN. She said IMPOSSIBLE! I told her look, I was on one phone with DTV, and my woman was on the phone with DN, and comparing package price, services, etc., and they were cheaper. Anywayz, after about 25 minutes, I got it cancelled.. Anywayz.. Here's what she said DN is giving that DTV can't touch...

1) DN currently has 15 HD channels, and DTV only has 7.

2) DN will be adding another 200 local HD channels, and DTV won't.

3) DN will be offering MPEG4, and DTV will be at least a year behind them on that.

4) I forgot what the 4th thing was!

Anywayz, just thought I would let ya'll know, and would love someones opinion on this!

--- Goobz!
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