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How can I transfer the recorded programs on tivo to my computer? Will the format be playable or does it then have to be converted to avi?

Thanks for you help in advance :)
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Does this work? So I need to buy the $49 network thing and the the 2.5 desktop and then purchase the $24 upgrade? Will this be fast or will this be a slow process transferring from the tivo to my computer, I have comcast if that makes any difference.

Thanks again for your answer.
The tivo 802.11g that I have to purchase for $49. is it easy to install? Will it pick up on my network without a big hassle?
If you don't need a digital transfer then use an analog capture. Either using a video capture card on the PC or transfer to a DVD recorder. If the PC has a DVD player then you can rip the resultant DVD to the PC.
What model TiVo do you currently have? Are you just using a phone line for guide updates?
Do you have a wireless router in your house?
I have a series 2 tivo. I have a wireless g system in the house. yes currently using phone line for guide updates. Hope this helps you answer my questions above.

Dula said:
The tivo 802.11g that I have to purchase for $49. is it easy to install? Will it pick up on my network without a big hassle?
Yes. Once you have your TiVo connected to your home network, you will be able to start using the Internet for your guide updates instead of the phone line.

As for Tivo-To-Go (TTG), it works well. I don't remember transfer speeds, but it's reasonable. (I used to use it all the time, but TTG doesn't currently work on S3s, so I haven't used it in the past year)
Great Amnesia. I ordered the tivo network thing. Hopefully I can install it without to much problem. Have you used the 2.5 upgrade tivo desktop or am I good just using the free one?

Thanks again for all of your help and time.
You need to pay for the Plus upgrade to convert to portable formats or to transfer formats other than the TiVo specific MPEG2 to the Tivo. You can get 3rd part convertors for that though, some free, some pay. I have the upgrade, but don't really use it.

To just play on your PC though, you don't need Plus.

It should be noted, that the file you download is an encrypted MPEG2, which TivoDesktop has the decryption algorithm for, and not a whole lot of programs can use, and few officially are allowed to use it, or are at least built to use it.
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