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Hopefully this is in the right forum.

I have been using TTG to convert Tivo shows to Ipod for about a year now with no problems. I download them to my PC from the Tivo, then they automatically convert to a file that I can put into Itunes.

But recently the tivo conversions to Ipod have not been working. It starts out the same where I see a icon in my lower right hand corner of my screen where it tells me the % of how much of the file has been converted, but now it just stops at 99%. It does not convert it fully no matter how long it says it is.

Can anybody help me with this problem?


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Has anyone come up with a resolution to this? I uninstalled, wiped clean and reinstalled and it still has the 99% problem. Any patch available from TiVo?
Don't know but there is a work-around you could consider if you have VideoReDo:

Install TVAP (link in signature) and Handbrake.

TVAP will monitor your tivo transfer folder, automatically process the files through VRD to get clean mpeg2 files, then automatically run a batch file that calls Handbrake using an Ipod profile to generate your desired file.

You have to provide the batch file but an example may be downloaded here Also search the TVAP thread (link in signature) for Handbrake and search the TVAPreadme.txt file for TVAPpostprocess. Post here or on the TVAP thread if you need more help.

VRD is well worth the money, whichever version you buy (TV Suite version also makes DVD's). You can free trial it uncrippled, just download and perform the free trial registration.
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