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I have no problem transferring .tivo files to my pc using Tivo Desktop. All files are scheduled to be converted automatically to mpeg-4 and the stored .tivo files are then scheduled to be automatically deleted following conversion. About 3 out of 4 times this process works successfully. But 1 out of four times, the conversion stops before the process is completed. The problem seems to originate in the original .tivo file because when I erase the pc .tivo file and the partial mpeg-4 conversion and start over from scratch, the problem repeats itself. The little tivo coversion icon still works away even though the actual conversion has failed part way through. The same thing happens whether I use the built-in conversion function or whether I use the standalone Tivo Converter Wrap program.

Has anybody experienced this? Do you have any suggestions? It happens on one hour programs as well as longer programs. I have not done enough shorter programs to have any experience with them.
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