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Is there anyway to keep the 30-second skip permanently on?

And, is there anyway to turn that clock feature off (I turned it on but cant turn it off).

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The same sequence that turns the clock on also turns it off, the sequence is a toggle. You need to select a menu for it to be removed from the screen. The 30s skip stays on as long as the unit doesn't restart or reboot.
tomm1079 said:
what clock??
Besides the 30 second skip and the display clock functions, are there any others key hacks? For example, can the 30 seconds be set for 60 instead? I hesitate to randomly experiment because I might accidently find the "self destruct" combination :eek:
The 30s can't be changed to something else, like 60s.

Another sequence that I use is Select-Play-Select-Pause-Select.
This one causes the bottom green status bar to disappear more quickly.

And, because my DirecTV DVR is a series 1, I use Slow-0-Record-ThumbsUp to enable sorting of the Now Playing List.
megazone said:
That's cool - just tried this out through my Slingbox and there it is - a clock. It also has a counter that shows how far through the show you are :) Nice.

Thanks for this tip.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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