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Wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a Series 3 TiVo HD that I have used WinMFS on to add an external eSATA 1TB hard drive (B Drive) but I am now looking to consolidate to a larger internal 2TB disk so I don't lose my recordings from both disks. I upgraded the internal disk to a 1TB via WinMFS also, so both upgrades were performed with WinMFS back in the day giving me a 2TB TiVo.

I read in the 'Drive Expansion and Drive Upgrade FAQ' thread that :
15. Can I backup the recordings on my internal drive and eSATA drive and restore it to a single, larger internal hard drive?

Yes, but only if you originally married the eSATA drive using WinMFS. If you used the External Storage menu, then you cannot copy the recordings from an internal+external setup to a single internal drive.

So based on that above, it should be possible. Does anyone know the procedure to achieve this?
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